Make an Appointment

Training is simple. I’ve deconstructed it so that most people can accomplish everything with their dog into 2-4 appointments for most. A typical appointment consists of a plan for you and your pup. It can be tweaked in subsequent appointments. All appointments (for people & puppies) are available via phone, FaceTime or Skype. House Calls are available for hourly appointments only, if you reside on LA’s Westside, the South Bay, West Hollywood, & Beverly Hills. For house calls there is an additional charge of $40.

If you are stressed and you don’t need a formal training appointment, check out my stress reduction consultation for a very reasonable price. I offer a second set of ears if you’re going through some shi*t: Just brought your dog home and don’t know where to start? If someone in your family said something that offended you and their behavior makes you cray-zay?? If you’re going through something traumatic like a break-up or divorce??? #callme


30 minutes could make your life 30 times better.